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Why Do Some Watch Faces Turn?

Have you ever wondered why some watch faces turn? Here’s a quick guide. The outer ring of some watches can reveal a lot about the wearer. Some people have pulsometers that allow them to quickly take a reading of their heartbeat over a base of fifteen or twenty pulsations. Doctors, for example, wear watches that have pulsometers to measure the rate of their patient’s heartbeat. This can be confusing to readers who might call them Dr. before they mention their work.

In most watches, complications refer to features that go beyond simple timekeeping. The dial is protected by a crystal, which can be mineral glass or synthetic sapphire. Many features are accompanied by a reference number that identifies each feature, which collectors often use instead of the watch’s name. You can choose an Apple Watch face with a rotating bezel if you want it to turn. You can also choose a watch with a flat back, as this fits better against your wrist and protects the crystal.

If you use an Apple Watch, you can customize its watch face by putting a Complication on it. These are applications that display various types of information on your Apple Watch. Many Apple Watch users like to switch from one watch face to another based on their activity or location. For instance, if you work in an office, you might want to switch to a California face to check your heart rate. If you’re outdoors, you can choose a weather-based face. In addition, you can add a watch face that displays your planets’ positions.

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