Why Did Bank of America Close My Business Checking Account?

There are many reasons why a bank may close your business checking account without warning. Sometimes, they are switching from one type of business account to another. In either case, understanding the reason behind the closure will help you avoid this situation. Listed below are several reasons why Bank of America might close your business checking account. Read on to learn more. In the meantime, keep these tips in mind. You may find them helpful.

Using a backup account. If your bank is closing your account, you should get a new one before they do so. You can then transfer funds to your new account or even request a cashier’s check. You can also download your monthly bank statements, and get them as PDFs. In the event that you lose access to your files, you may want to open another business checking account to ensure that your documents are safe.

Closing your business account can be a huge setback. It can affect your cash flow, lead to late payments, or even jeopardize your business. It may also be difficult to find a new bank account, and the reason for the closure may not be immediately obvious. While it is in the bank’s rights to do so, the reason may be difficult to understand. In such a case, it’s best to get in touch with the bank and try to find out what the actual reason was.

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