What is the Primary Problem in Our Education System Today?

If you ask educators what the primary problem is in our education system today, they will usually say that it is lack of teachers. This is largely due to the shortage of teachers in the United States. This is especially true of the shortage of educators in low-income communities, as these students tend to be less prepared for college. The problem also extends to the supply of substitutes for teachers. Hence, districts have been forced to double their bus routes and cancel classes, as a result. Teachers have been emotionally depleted for years because of this problem and critics have taken aim at teachers unions.

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Public schools always face problems of funding. Approximately 90% of the public schools in the United States receive funding from local and state governments through sales and income taxes. However, the lack of funding for schools has forced many states to cut back on their funding for education. This means less funding for programs, fewer teachers, and diminished resources for schools. It’s also important to understand that public schools are not free.

Lack of involvement of parents is a major problem. Teachers cannot be with every child the whole day, and they don’t have the time to help every student. Lack of involvement from parents also affects students’ development. Parents with limited education and career focus are unlikely to be able to help their children out in school. In addition, students from low-income families have additional challenges at home. As a result, the educational system is incredibly unresponsive to these challenges.

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