The Role of Doctors on HealthTap

HealthTap is an innovative online and mobile platform that provides personalized information from thousands of the top doctors in the US, along with free online and mobile answers.

The HealthTap is passionate about aiding people in improving their health and well-being, as well as physician’s ability to better serve existing patients, find new ones, and build their online reputations.

They answer questions

HealthTap is an engaging website and app that allows users to ask doctors questions about virtually any healthcare or medical topic. Its AI system utilizes deep learning algorithms to answer user inquiries and offer pertinent doctor insights.

HealthTap reports that most questions submitted on its platform receive an answer within 24 hours, due to its network of thousands of physicians eager to assist you.

The Palo Alto, CA-based company also allows users to share test results and consult notes with their doctors. Its virtual practice feature makes scheduling appointments and making payments a breeze.

This platform is free to join and requires either an iPhone or Android device. It boasts a library of doctor-created health tips and answers to common health queries, as well as a virtual encyclopaedia of medical knowledge covering 115 specialties across 128 cities nationwide.

They prescribe medication

HealthTap doctors can prescribe medication to patients through virtual visits that last 15 minutes and are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice within a few hours. They may refill existing prescriptions (like antibiotics) for existing patients as well as write new ones for ongoing or short-term illnesses like flu or shingles.

Expressed his desire to revolutionize how physicians communicate with their patients. After working in personalized health systems at Stanford University for a decade, he observed how people often turn online for answers but rarely seek professional assistance from their own physicians. He hopes his vision can make this difference for patients everywhere.

Today, HealthTap is launching a feature that brings together its medical research library with articles from the National Library of Medicine and an interactive question-and-answer system. This combination was previously only available to paid subscribers.

They make referrals

HealthTap provides physicians with a suite of tools, including referral management. This system helps referred patients find specialists and ensures those appointments run smoothly.

This site’s network of doctors covers 141 specialties and boasts an average age of 21 years. Furthermore, it provides peer review for added assurance.

Doctors on HealthTap must be licensed and in good standing with their local medical boards. They answer questions from millions of members worldwide, peer-reviewing each other’s answers for quality assurance.

HealthTap doctors are trained to answer users’ questions and use an AI-augmented intelligence tool that detects patterns in their health concerns. They can create personalized treatment plans for patients and offer prescriptions, lab tests, and referral suggestions when indicated.

They provide virtual consultations

HealthTap is a nationwide telehealth platform that connects patients with licensed US doctors for online video, text or voice chat discussions about medical conditions. Doctors can also order lab tests, prescribe medication and make referrals to specialists.

HealthTap requires doctors to go through an extensive credentialing process that verifies their medical license and good standing. Furthermore, they must complete a training program designed to equip them with the skillset needed to provide medical advice through the platform.

The company’s network of physicians spans 141 specialties, with practitioners on average possessing 21 years of clinical experience. They are situated in over 3,000 cities and towns throughout the United States.


HealthTap also offers Concierge, which lets users request virtual appointments with any doctor on the platform. While this service is not covered by insurance, it can be a more convenient way for people to see a doctor.

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