Rewind the timeline of baccarat a popular card game

Back to the timeline, Baccarat, a popular card game, Baccarat believes that this word has definitely passed through everyone’s ears. Even if it’s not a group of people who gamble, they must have heard of it. Because it’s the most talked about game. In the online casino game group that has it all. Of course, many people slotsuper must already know. that baccarat is a game of guessing card points to bet But probably few people are interested. Relive the timeline of the popular Baccarat card game or its history. how this game started So why is it that it is of great interest today? Today we have gathered information in this section. to present you Ready, don’t wait Let’s go back to the timeline of baccarat!

The origin of the card game Baccarat

First let’s see The origin of the baccarat card game, let’s see how it started since when. which from the information said This game was born in ancient China and the Roman Empire. Although Baccarat is a popular gambling game. and the oldest in the world But the true origins of the Baccarat card game are unclear. which from the written history of slugs in the 19th century indicates that there is a card slotsuper game from China. Which has a style and method of playing that is similar to the game of Baccarat, that is, the game of Chinese Mahjong (Chinese Pai Gow). chinese mahjong Tiles are used to play, and 9 is the highest card value, as in Baccarat card games. However, no one has been able to prove according to historical evidence that Is the baccarat game originated from the Chinese Mahjong game?

As for doubts or other assumptions It is said about the origin of Baccarat card game is probably from the Roman era. by the form of counting the points of the baccarat card game It is similar to a ritual in ancient Roman times. That is, the virgin will throw the dice, where 8 or 9 means the high priest, 6 or 7 means release the virgin. But if the points that come out are lower than that means that virgin must walk into the slotsuper sea and drown however There is no solid evidence that the game of Baccarat originated from this ritual. And there is another argument that baccarat card games use cards. Do not use dice in play. Still, there is one more hypothesis about the origins of the Baccarat card game. It relates to the return of Marco Polo, an important figure in 13th century Italy’s history.

Baccarat may have been born in Italy.

Combining several studies, the term “table playing” first appeared in French in the 1330s to describe recreational activities. It uses a printing press with various hand-drawn drawings to play. which in those days Still no cards or cards The printing press or the block used to play is a carved wooden block slotsuper with a stamp. Similar to mahjong played in ancient China, Marco Polo invented the first printing press in 1290, first having 78 sticks together. It has become more popular and spread. Many experts therefore expect that Baccarat card games. Probably originated from the same place.

but in spite of this It wasn’t just a doubt. or a single assumption by another assumption that Baccarat card game Probably originated from Italy. Because the format of how to play the baccarat card game Similar to the Tarot game (Tarrochi) in the 1300s, but there is no clear evidence that baccarat and tarot games. The same origin is Felix Falguiere, an Italian gambler who invented another version of the Baccarat slotsuper card game. Adapted from a tarot card game. Many gamblers are attracted to the format. And the way of playing greatly resulted in the card game that Mr. Felix invented popular. And spread to various casinos in Italy spread to casinos in Macau. and was called ‘Italian Baccarat Card Game’

But another important evidence that are clearly stated Well, historical records indicate that there is another card game. Which has a method of playing that is similar to the Baccarat card game that is Le Her (Le Her), where the Le Her card game has 13 points. The player who has the largest card near 13 points is Winner But there are differences from the card game of Baccarat. is that players can exchange cards with each other.

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