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Is Information Technology IT a Difficult Major?

Is information technology IT a difficult major? Yes, and no. It requires a great deal of patience, hard work, and a strong work ethic, but the rewards can be tremendous. Information technology majors usually earn a Bachelor of Science degree (BS), though some institutions also offer a BA. They study various subjects, including math, data science, and general studies. The discipline requires a detailed mind and patience.

This degree program will prepare you for a number of different careers. For example, you can work for the federal government as an information technology consultant, helping law enforcement with digital evidence for court trials. You could also work as a consultant for Homeland Security IT systems, helping agencies to plan long-range plans and manage cyber defense incidents in real time. The list goes on. The opportunities are numerous. But one of the most important benefits of an IT degree is the variety of possible career paths you can pursue.

If you’re interested in computer science and programming, you’ll likely gravitate toward IT. You can also choose a specialized career in this field based on your skills and interests. You may have a natural talent for cybersecurity, while a multitasking planner might be better suited to IT project management. Whatever you choose, match your interests with your degree, and you’ll be set for success.


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