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How to Delete Shared Photos From the Facebook Messenger App

The first step in deleting a shared photo from the Facebook Messenger app is to open the conversation that you want to remove it from. Long-press the photo to bring up a menu that will let you react, reply, or delete it. Click on the “Delete” option in the bottom-right corner of the menu to delete the photo. If you don’t want the shared photo to be deleted permanently, you can uninstall the Facebook Messenger app.

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Another way to remove photos from Facebook Messenger is to unshare them with the person. Facebook Messenger lets you share photos with friends and family. However, you should keep in mind that once you delete a photo from Facebook Messenger, it will still remain on the other person’s device. Deleted photos are not permanently deleted. They will remain on the device of the person who shared them with you. The good news is that it is not that difficult to delete shared photos from Facebook Messenger.

Deleted photos can be deleted in Messenger by selecting them from the “Shared” section on the right-hand side of the conversation window. If you do not want to delete them from the conversation, you can also close the conversation window and reopen it. Once you’ve done this, the deleted photos will no longer appear in the “Shared Photos” section. You can also delete shared photos by selecting a particular chat and deleting it manually.

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