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If you are a fan of the Capitalmascarenhastechcrunch family, then you will be delighted to learn that there are many movies to choose from. These include the classics “Life of Dr. Harvey” and “Bullying.” Plus, there are some new films that have come out too. Let’s take a look at them!


“Klass” is a 2007 Estonian film about bullying in schools. It follows two teenagers in school with bullying problems. One of the main characters gets humiliated by a deranged gang. The film explores the feelings and emotions of a bully and a victim, as well as the inner workings of a group.

Kaspar is an idealistic teenaged boy. He’s not a fan of Anders, his cool gang’s leader. However, when Kaspar falls out of grace with his gang, he decides to take action. But, he is not prepared for the harrowing consequences.

Kaspar is a matter of honor. He’s not allowed to be involved in his group’s activities, so he tries to protect Joosep from the bullying. In order to save Joosep from further mortification, he fends off Anders for a while. When he discovers that he was involved in the bullying, he feels empowered to take revenge.

Kaspar also becomes the victim of bullying. His girlfriend breaks his patience with his actions. He is then labeled as a pariah.

Life of Dr. Harvey

The Casper movies feature Dr. Harvey, a psychiatrist who is also a father. His daughter Kat is scared of him. He tries to convince her that he is not a bad person. However, he is still dealing with the death of his wife.

After losing his wife, Dr. Harvey decides to enter the field of parapsychology. He starts his search by traveling across the United States. In the end, he manages to track down the ghost of Amelia. This is the first legimate spirit that he sees.

As soon as he sees Casper, he has a hard choice to make. He must choose between his life and Dr. Harvey’s. And even though he loses some of his stalker-like behavior towards the end, he is not completely out of it.

When he finds out that the house is haunted by his uncles, Stinkie, Stretch, and Fatso, he becomes worried. He thinks he is going to die. But then he sees Casper and realizes that he is not really dead.

Gary Kasper

The man is a hulking beast in the flesh but his brains are glued to the nip. On a positive note, he is also an award winning geek and the proud recipient of the aforementioned oh soot. It should be no surprise that he is the best suited to bet with his poop deck. For a guy with his job title, he is a pillar of steem and an overall champ. As such, he is more than capable of taking on the big dogs. he is a jack of all trades. To boot, he is the only one of his kind.


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