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 Sequoia Club is a new service that provides a monthly subscription for access to a curated selection of films, including interviews with up-and-coming French filmmakers. In addition, the club offers a limited number of streaming videos each week. It’s a unique concept that is sure to appeal to film buffs looking for something a little different.

Interviews with up-and-coming French filmmakers

If you’re looking for a new film to watch, there are a number of French filmmakers who are making waves in the industry. While many of these artists have been around for years, there are also a few fresh faces to look out for.

Agnes Varda, for instance, has made her mark on the world as a photographer and film director. She is credited with helping to shape the French New Wave movement. Her films include I and The Gleaners.

Another up-and-coming filmmaker is Audrey Diwan. She worked as a journalist before making her directorial debut with “Losing It” in 2019. Having received a degree in French literature, she wrote her first feature, Water Lilies, while attending La Femis.

For the past few years, there has been an increasing amount of attention on French female filmmakers. They have also begun to make an impact on the international scene. Collectif 50/50 is one organization that has been working to bring equality to the industry.

Streaming only one film a week

Le CiNeMa Club is an online movie club that has a few things going for it. First, it is free to join. Second, it is a curated service that shows one film per week. However, the coolest thing about it is that it features a wide array of films from around the globe.

Le CiNeMa Club has a sleek website that puts the filmmakers at the forefront of the viewing experience. The site features an editorial section that features photos and videos of notable film makers. It also includes a feature called the Ostica Antica, which aims to provide an auteur vision of cinema.

There are many other online film streaming services available, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Paramount+. However, Le CiNeMa Club is one of the few that features shorts.

In addition to its redesigned site, Cinema Club is launching with exclusive new content. As part of its new programming, the site will show a curated list of recommendations from art house directors. One of its first titles will be Keep it for Yourself, a 40-minute film directed by Claire Denis.

Curated lists of recommended films

Le CiNeMa Club is a new form of online cinema. It has a sleek, modern look, and showcases a wide variety of films and documentaries. Founded in July of 2015, the website’s primary ethos is to showcase films that may have slipped past the public’s attention. The site has a diverse lineup of participants, from Wes Anderson to Sebastian Silva, and features one film a week.

Aside from the site’s curated programs, Le CiNeMa also provides members with a smorgasboard of recommendations. For example, if you’re a fan of foreign cinema, you can subscribe to a monthly pass that lets you watch some of the world’s most notable works of art. Similarly, if you’re more into mainstream fare, the service will still satisfy your palate. Moreover, you can also choose to take your pick of the many film festivals in your area. To top it all off, you get all the benefits of an indie theater.

Founder Jennifer Forrest

Le Cine-Club Francais was founded by Dr. Jennifer Forrest in 2010. The club offers students many courses in film, theatre, literature, and language. It also teaches students how to speak and act in French. Students can also get involved in creating their own films and performances.

Le Cine-Club Francais focuses on film and theatre, while teaching students about the history of the film and theatre industries. It’s a great way to learn more about France and the culture. There are several different classes that the club offers, including Acting French and French Literature. In this class, students act out the classic French play Ubu roi, which is based on a novel by Alfred Jarry. They create costumes and sets, select acting parts, and recreate the scene.


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