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Five Steps to Improve the Educational System

The debate over education policy is complex, and the stakes are high. What is the best way to improve our educational system? Here are five practical steps to make a difference:

We must restructure the school day to make room for deeper project work, rather than a three-month summer vacation. We need to reduce class sizes and allocate more time to students. We should also increase resources to classrooms, which is where the problems lie. And we should eliminate the three-month summer vacation, which schools should spend on activities and projects. Increasing funding for education is an essential component.

Education reform should begin at a young age. In pre-k, it is crucial to challenge the notions people have about education. In a recent Pew Research poll, 66% of Americans said that our educational system needs to be rebuilt. Even Republicans said so. Investing in education will pay off, as demonstrated by a 2008 study. And if the government doesn’t want to do it, citizens can make the case to change the tax code.

Educators need the tools to teach students differently. Investing in computers and software is an essential step. The best way to do this is to invest in age-appropriate learning software. Teachers should also have access to technology. The use of computers in developing countries should be accompanied by technical staff. And computer-assisted learning will not only improve the educational experience of teachers and students, but will also encourage children to stay in school.

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