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With Aihatmakertechcrunch, you can watch your favorite mangas with the convenience of streaming them online. The site has a wide range of mangas for you to choose from, including mangas for kids, anime, mangas for adults, mangas for teens, and more. In addition, there is also a search feature that helps you find the best mangas for you. And if you want to be notified when mangas are added to the site, you can subscribe to a Mangastream feed. It’s all free!


MangaPanda is a manga reading site similar to MangaStream. Both websites offer high-quality content in different genres. It is accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

It is also a great platform for sharing information with other people. The website has a forum where users can talk about the manga they are reading.

Its user interface is simple and easy to navigate. A search bar allows you to find a comic you are interested in. You can also view the latest mangas by selecting a certain genre or category. There is a separate section for finished mangas, where you can keep track of the comics you have read and completed.

However, you may be concerned about the number of ads that may pop up on the page. You should use ad-blockers or VPNs to avoid them.


MangaOwl is a popular manga reading site that offers a huge collection of manga comics. The website also features a free mobile application, so users can read manga on the go.

Its basic user interface makes it easier for users to navigate. Users can explore different versions of comics and mangas, as well as access their history and bookmarks. They can also access mangas in other languages, like English and Chinese.

The website is secure, which is a must for online manga lovers. The service uses copyright-approved content, so there is no risk of pirated content or malware. Also, the site is designed to prevent people from stealing your information.

When you visit the main website, you can choose a username. You can use it for anonymous use or give it a real name. If you’d like, you can provide a valid email address to sign up.


One of the best manga reading websites, Mangastream, has recently closed its doors. However, if you are still looking for a good manga reading site, there are a number of alternatives out there. These sites offer a huge database of comics and high-quality content, and are easy to use.

A manga streaming site that is similar to Mangastream is Kissmanga. It is a free alternative and has a modern user interface. The website offers a nice collection of mangas and has an excellent search feature.

Another great manga streaming site is Animeseek. This website has a large library of animes and is regularly updated with new animes. It also offers a dubbed anime section.

Another good manga site that is similar to mangastream is Mangago. Although it is not as popular as Mangastream, it has a nice collection of comics. You can browse through a large selection of genres, including adventure, mystery, and thriller.


MangaReborn is an interactive community where you can discuss manga, find friends, and read your favourite comics. It is also a website where you can translate manga into different languages.

The site is currently in the second beta-testing phase. It also features forums and specialized sections for manga fans. In the future, the website will allow users to upload and translate manga into other languages.

The site offers a wide selection of anime-related videos. Moreover, you can watch and listen to music. Users can watch videos in a variety of genres, such as shounen, romance, and drama. They can even download the videos for offline viewing.

The user interface is simple and friendly. You can choose from manga in various languages, including Japanese and English.


If you are looking for the best manga site for reading the latest manga comics, you should look no further. There are a few manga websites out there that will satisfy your needs.

The first and most obvious choice is Mangastream. This site is free to sign up for, and has a large library of manga comics. It even has a dubbed anime section. You can also use their search feature to find the manga that interests you.

Aside from their comics, they also offer an extensive list of free dubbed anime shows. Their interface is simple to navigate, and you can watch your favorite cartoons on your phone or PC.

Another reputable manga website is MangaReborn. This site has a variety of high quality manga comics in a variety of genres. They have a nice looking user interface and they keep their content updated on a regular basis.

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