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Aihatmakertechcrunch, also known as the “Litti Chokha”, is a Bhojpuri language that has its origins in the state of Bhojpuri in India. It is a very popular dialect of the Bhojpuri language, and is spoken by people of several different ethnic groups, especially the Ashi and Brahmin classes. Several dialects of Apanbhojpuri exist, but the most widely-used and widely-known is Bhasha Apan, the native dialect of the town of Apan.

Bhasha Apan Bhojpuri Ke

Bhojpuri is an Indo-European language. It is a member of the Eastern Indo-Aryan group of Indo-Aryan languages. The closest living relatives are Magahi, Odia, and Maithili. While Hindi, Fiji Hindi, and Assamese are close to Bhojpuri, they are not dialects of Bhojpuri.

In Bihar, Bhojpuri is written in Kaithi script. This script is a variant of the Devnagari script. It dates back to the 16th century and was widely used by Muslim and Hindus in the state. However, brahmin elites discouraged its use.

Although it has its own consonants, it shares the same vowels as Hindi and Bengali. Unlike other Indo-Aryan languages, Bhojpuri does not have a suffix for nouns starting with -la. Instead, it adds -na or -ni to make plurals.


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Bhojpuri Planet

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Pirated content

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