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Benefits of Twitter for Customer Service

You may have heard of Twitter, but are you aware of the benefits it offers in customer service? Twitter allows users to embed deep links within their tweets, allowing companies to respond quickly to customer queries. Moreover, you can embed a call to action (CTA) directly in your tweets. You can even seamlessly transition between tweets, mentions, and private messages. It is not an easy task to write a perfect customer service response in 140 characters, so many brands use tools to link longer tweets. This is not recommended and could cause a disruption in the customer experience.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Twitter as a customer service tool was the fact that it required businesses to follow each other to send direct messages. This created an unnecessary hassle for both parties. Additionally, businesses had little or no knowledge of how to use these direct messages. Because of this, they had to ask customers to follow them. This added hassle only lowered the likelihood of getting customers to engage with their messages.

Another benefit of Twitter is that it can be data-driven. Tools like Twitter analytics and Sprout Social provide the company with the data they need to improve their customer service. Besides, Twitter can also help you go above and beyond. You can add your personality to the tweets and mention the customer-service champions. There are other benefits of Twitter for customer service, and these are a few of the most important.

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